Many would assume, some would even vouch for the ultimate new internet cool, 

‘’Shopify stores are a source of quick money’’. 

There is no denying that if you do it the right way, you may be able to master the art of handling Shopify stores. But, here’s the bitter scenario which most of internet naive users may not know yet… Shopify stores fail 99% of the time. Either you need to be really good or some tricks should be avoided. 

 E-commerce is a business and just like any other business it has several risks associated with it too. You will find people claiming they earned many while some would complain of how ruthless their performance with Shopify had been. 

Reason why your Shopify store failed: 

All in all, this is the game of a business mind. There are several mistakes that one may do while starting their journey at drop shipping. 5 of the most common Shopify mistakes are:

  1. Expectation vs. Reality
  2. Quality traffic generation
  3. All good things take time
  4. One niche.. Million stores
  5. Irregular planning for products
  6. Get rich quick mentality
  7. Using suppliers from another side of the world
  8. Choosing Cheap Products
  9. Bad Customer Service
  10. Ignoring Mobile Devices
  11. Store Loads Too Slow
  12. Store Look & Feel is Not Professional
  13. Not Doing Proper SEO
  14. Ignoring Sales Channels

Expectation vs. Reality:

  • See the first line of this that got your eye? I had mentioned Shopify being considered as a source of quick money but this is wrong. 
  • In reality, such expectations always lead to disastrous results. 
  • How can you assume Shopify to become a source of quick and easy money while not even investing much of your entrepreneurial qualities? 
  • This mindset leads to extreme expectation and when no huge results are gained, people eventually turn back. 

Quality traffic generation:

  • Shopify demands attention as serious as blogging or any other online job does. 
  • You cannot just make your account and wait for a jinni to overturn your investment into sales. 
  • One needs to work beyond limits and generate organic traffic for your store. 
  • See, if you are lacking in your marketing strategy, get it done at the mere hours. 
  • Understand if your content needs to get revitalized then go ahead do the math and work on it. 

All good things take time:

  • As I said, it’s a simple Shopify store not a jinni to fill your pockets in the blink of an eye. 
  • If it were to come to you in a simple endeavor, wouldn’t success be with everyone who are still struggling to find a path to financial stability? 
  • Change your mindset if you think the Shopify store can bring sales for you easily. 
  • Start working out on strategies regarding what sells the most over the internet and how can you incorporate it in your store. 
  • Sitting idle and wasting time would do no good to you or your product waiting to get sold. 

One niche.. Million stores: 

  • Aren’t we all fed up how everyone wants to sell apparel, watches and pet food? 
  • It’s like there is nothing else in the entire world that can be sold over the internet. 
  • You need to step out of your comfort zone and start working on a store that has a realistic yet unique collection of products. 
  • Something no one else hasn’t or at least something that catches the attention of your audience. 
  • Stop going for niches that are already populated with many stores. I’m not saying that having a Shopify store for apparel, watches, or dog food is bad. 
  • You should get one if you think you can manage a great marketing strategy that is required when you are selling a product from a populous niche. 
  • Our comprehensive list of new profitable business ideas on Shopify.

Irregular planning for products: 

  • If you cannot handle a lot then start with lesser products but please do not overfill your store. 
  • Even the non-virtual supermarts don’t have as many products as many ‘’Shopify entrepreneurs’’ have.
  • One-click and your potential buyer sees a lavish sofa, he likes it but wants to see similar items. 
  • He then searches the web page and sees pet mittens, nova watches, portable blenders and valentine necklaces. 
  • He ultimately loses interest and switches to scrolling Facebook again. Here, you had the closest illustration to what happens when you keep a lot of items and no theme or style to attract clients. 

Get rich quick mentality:

Shopify gurus are constantly posting their stories about how they became rich with their successful Shopify. However, if you start your store thinking that you will barely need to do something, only setup stores and start making stores then you are wrong. Having a store needs some serious time where you need to acquire, retain and engage customers, keep an eye on your competitors, update products and execute marketing plans among others. Moreover, it will not make you wealthy within days, you need to invest some money on subscriptions, marketing and some expert help. Many people give up just after a few weeks and close stores when their get tich quick mentality doesn’t work.

Using suppliers from another side of the world:

The basic drop shipping model depends on the supplier you choose, who can be located in any region of the world. You shouldn’t worry about shipment and delivery, because it is not you will be doing, this is the supplier who handles it. However, finding a supplier who serves your customers is one of the most important factors when creating an online store. Unfortunately, many people underestimate it. The problem the customers will get their products after 20 to 30 days. This may result in refund claims and nobody will return to the store.

Choosing Cheap Products:

Choosing low-quality cheap products with high-profit margins may seem to be a good idea but people are not stupid these days, Also you won’t be able to build loyal customers and eventually it will fail.

Bad Customer Service:

If you don’t resolve customer issues in a timely manner then you won’t get many sales. Make sure at least you have a visible contact widget if you can’t handle live chat.

Ignoring Mobile Devices:

Mobiles are in everyone’s pocket these days and people spend more time on mobile than their computers. Around 60% of traffic a typical store gets from mobile devices. Ignoring or not optimizing your store for mobiles then you will lose 60% of your potential customers before you even launch your store.

Store Loads Too Slow:

If your store loads in more than five seconds you are most likely to lose customer attention and they may start browsing other stores meanwhile as most people always browse the same product on multiple stores.

Store Look & Feel is Not Professional:

Not having a professional look at your store will most likely cause distrust in customers. Also not doing proper branding and using a color scheme that represents your niche.

Not Doing Proper SEO:

SEO is the most important factor to generate traffic. Most people ignore it and don’t know about this at all. If you don’t it right then you won’t get organic traffic and you will keep paying for traffic to your store which will be costly.

Ignoring Sales Channels:

Social media platforms are very popular these days and not using this opportunity is a big mistake. Also, social media traffic is very cheap and even free but people aren’t very patient and give up after only few weeks.


There’s no need to sit back and get jealous as you look at other successful Shopify stores. If you still need any guidance, we at EcomSpiders are ready to make you start your incredible Shopify journey. Contact us at and avail free consultation from one of our Shopify nerds. The experts would suggest your ideas and you can eventually achieve your goal to gain benefits from Shopify.