If you are running your own Shopify store, then you might have heard the question, “Why there are no sales even with a greater number of traffic?” Yes, it is widely asked question on the internet from the Shopify store owners. 

It is not a game of child to generate leads when there are thousands of online stores on the internet. this number is increasing with every passing day. On the other hand, if you have some unique items in your store, then you still need to convince the visitors to generate leads. 

If you are looking to convert your traffic into sales, you need to implement some modern strategies in your store. Some of the best methods for increasing the sales of your store are mentioned here. do give it a full read to get maximum benefits from this article. 

12 Strategies to generate sales from traffic:

Here are some best strategies that will surely help you to convert the traffic into sales. Read them one by one and try to implement as early as possible in your store because they are the most essential ones. 

  • Optimize product images and write perfect descriptions
  • The checkout process must be simple and easy to use
  • Land your customers at the right place
  • Don’t miss out the contact’s information
  • Focus more on the website’s navigation
  • Make all policies clear and effective for customers
  • Make your promotion strategy great and impressive
  • Increase your product range
  • Retargeting
  • Easy to navigate the whole website
  • Check page load speed
  • Analyze the quality of your traffic

1: Optimize product images and write perfect descriptions:

As the online customers can’t check the quality of the product by hand, therefore, the display image must be impressive enough to dig a spot in the customer’s heart. The images will be attractive because it is the main thing in your store. On the other hand, the description of the product also matters the most. 

It is like the process of talking between customers and the owner. If it will be to the point and solution for the customer’s problem, then the chances of sale increases. Moreover, if you will go with the technical descriptions, then you are likely to lose your customers. The technical descriptions are useless nowadays.

Therefore, you must showcase your available items in various ways with the aid of quality images and engaging descriptions. If you aren’t good at writing descriptions, hire a product description writer to convert your traffic into sales. Few tips for image optimization.

  • You can use image optimizers for lowering size
  • Write engaging descriptions for your customers
  • Don’t discuss the technicalities of your products

2: Checkout process must be simple and easy to use:

If there will be a complex and multi-page checkout process, then it will create frustration for the customers. People buy from the internet to save time. So, if there will be complex processes of checkout, then don’t think about the sales. 

Try to make a single page checkout process by elimination all the unnecessary checkout processes. Like, if you will ask the user to register himself in your store, it will be problematic. In the online market, name, phone number, quantity, size, address, and carb number are necessary. 

Therefore, try not to add others for making things simple and easy to use. Here are some tips for your Shopify store.

  • Try to make the user-friendly checkout process
  • It must include only necessary information
  • It should be a single page

3: Land your customers at the right place:

The online stores require social media marketing for lead generation. If you are also running Facebook, Instagram and other social media marketing campaigns, it is necessary for you to think with customer’s minds. You need to land the user on the right page. 

Suppose, you are running ads on a watch and landing customers on the laptop’s page, then it won’t generate sales. Always land your customers at the right platform to produce sales. You can also add the “Shop Now” button to your Facebook ads. This will directly take the users to the right product. 

4: Don’t miss out the contact’s information:

Although the contact’s information is a small thing, it carries high potential in it. Probably, you can say, it is one of the vital pillars of the Shopify store on which the market is standing firmly. 

The contact information is necessary to create a strong bond of relationship. Because, after seeing your location and phone number, the trust factor gets stronger. Contact information is also necessary to deal with the queries of users. 

  • Add your location
  • Add your phone number

So, don’t ever forget to add complete contact information to your Shopify store to generate sales. It is the most vital part of your Shopify store. 

5: Focus more on the website’s navigation:

The website navigation is also an important thing to check if you aren’t getting orders while having good traffic. Almost 80% of users, use their smartphones while surfing on Shopify stores. 

Therefore, focus more on the product button, quality images and great navigation system from one product to the other. Try to use images in a great way so that it attracts users with impressive buttons. 

  • Navigate products in the right way
  • Not lose the sequence of products
  • Add catchy images for engagement

6: Make your all policies clear and effective for customers:

All policies must be effective for customers. They should be simple enough and easy to read. Apart from this, they are the source of building trust between you and your customers. You should be clear, honest and open with your customers.

Apart from these, writing return policies must be mentioned on the relevant pages. When a customer buys from Shopify, his major concern is quality. If the product won’t satisfy, then he looks to return the product. If the returning policy will be available, then it will satisfy the customer. 

Otherwise, that customer won’t come again to that specific store on Shopify. A few tips are mentioned below.

  • Shipping charges must be clear
  • Return policy must be there in your store
  • Don’t go for hidden charges

7: Make your promotion strategy great and impressive:

After opening your store on Shopify, you also need to promote your product to generate sales. If you aren’t doing this thing, then it won’t be good for your store. Try to post ads on Facebook and other social media sites in a proper way. 

The brochure of your product also needs to be effective and engaging. The image is the first thing in an ad that a user sees. So, if it will be perfect, the percentage of sales will surely increase. 

8: Increase your product range

Your product range is very important and you must on it regularly to make sure customers have enough other options if they didn’t like the product you are targeting. Especially if you are selling fashion products then make sure products are available in many colors and sizes.

Spy on Amazon, Aliexpress and other big stores to see what products are the best selling. Customers may buy trendy products rather than the ones that you are targeting.

9: Retargeting

Don’t give up if someone didn’t buy your product, It is very important that you reach to them again via push notifications or via email by offering them discounts. Any retargeted traffic has a very high chance of buying something than the new traffic.

10: Easy to navigate the whole website

Make sure your website is very easy to navigate and customers are able to find their desired product very easily and quickly. A hard to find the product will cause potential customers to lose interest and abandon your site.

Make sure your site has the ability to filter products based on different parameters like color, size, price, etc. In case you have a large menu then you can use a mega menu.

11. Check page load speed

Make sure your store loads in no more than three seconds. A slow store will only cause in abandonments.

You can check your website speed from these two great tools:

ou can check your website speed from these two great tools:

Make sure these things to load your site faster:

  • Lighter and optimized theme
  • Minimized scripts
  • No unnecessary plugins
  • Compressed image formats like jpeg and webp
  • No render-blocking content

12: Analyse quality of traffic

When it comes to sales the traffic quality matters more than the traffic volume. Uninterested traffic will only cost you your money spent on ads that didn’t make any sales. A few things to look for before you run your ads are:

  • You are targeting the right demographics
  • Your targeted age group
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Purchasing power
  • Trends

I hope that you liked that post and if you follow most of the above points then you will surely make good sales. If you have any suggestions or question then please leave a comment and we will get back to you quickly.