Shopify is one of the marvelous e-commerce platforms that is loved by millions of people due to their prestigious services. It has more than 500,000 vendors and there are a lot of marketing plugins to boost sales.

But you need to implement some latest strategies in your Shopify Store to boost the sales percentage. If not, then you aren’t going to achieve your desired success rate. 

There are many plugins that you can use to boost up the marketing percentage of your Shopify store. But 13 of them must be used in your store because they are the most essential ones. They will surely take your zero percent sales to 60-70% within a few days. 

Therefore, don’t waste your time in setting other plugins. Give this article a full read to make your Shopify store more beneficial. 

Here are the 13 most popular marketing plugins that you need to install in your Shopify Store to boost up the marketing of your products. All of them are given with their detailed description. 

  • Boost Sales – Create Cross-Sell and Upsell offers
  • Mobile Converter – Increase mobile conversion rates
  • – VIP, Loyalty points and referral program
  • Omnisend – Best marketing tools
  • Easyship – Best way to ship your products worldwide
  • Sales Pop – Boost generation with the help of recent sales
  • Sitekit – Create popups on your store
  • Check out Boost – increases checkout up to 25% on different deals
  • Cart Countdown – Create a sense of urgency and scarcity
  • Kit – Run your Shopify store in a better way
  • Instagram Shop – Use Instagram in a better way for your Shopify store
  • Auto Currency Switcher – Boost your international sales:
  • Facebook Shop – Post directly on your Facebook account

Here is the detail of above mentioned 13 marketing plugins for your Shopify Store. 

1. Boost Sales:

If you are familiar with the amazon’s earning process, then you must know that it is the result of cross-sells and upsells. It is one of the best strategies for e-commerce stores to generate revenue if used in a proper way. 

For the cross-sells and upsells, Boost Sales plugin is used in Shopify Store. It is not only for the upsells and cross-sells, but it is also for generating a good amount of revenue with the aid of marketing strategies. You can customize your store in an easy way as well as reporting capabilities through this plugin will also be the plus point for your store. 

The basic working process behind this app is, it will show recommended products when you will add a particular product in the cart. In this way, the customer will be engaged in your store with more sales, lower churn and better retention. In this way, you can easily create upsell and cross-sell unique offers in the form of widgets. 


  • Make your products stand out on Home and Collection pages
  • Motivate customers to add product in cart and Product pages
  • Urge faster checkout on the Cart and Checkout pages
  • Countdown timers to create urgency
  • Sales stickers
  • But one get one
  • Trust badges and seals
  • Target customers based on tags and geolocation
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Shipping timer


  • Free (Manual targeting, timers and trust seals)
  • $9.99/month (All free plan features, geo-targeting and image labels)
  • $29.99/month (All features described above)

2. Mobile Converter:

The use of smartphones is increasing in every corner of the world. Due to the decreased rate of mobile data packages, people are now preferring to surf on the smartphones rather than the typical desktops or laptops. So, the websites must be mobile-friendly. Apart from this, the Shopify Store is also getting 80-85% of the users from smartphones. To convert the traffic into sales, you must have a mobile-friendly website. 

For this purpose, you can use a mobile converter that is the best mobile sales converter and a revenue generator. It will boost the navigation system of your website. You can easily improve the buttons, pages and product listing with the help of this plugin. 

It will also eliminate the bad impacts of your store while giving a proper navigation system. The mobile converter plugin is easy to use and available for free. In short, it will be helpful for your Shopify store if you are looking to generate revenue. 


  • High-converting sticky add-to-cart top bar on mobile
  • Better visual product gallery
  • It’s free
  • Easy to use
  • Very lightweight


  • All features are absolutely free


If you want to start your referral program on the Shopify store that will generate engagement, motivation, and fun for the users, then will work best for you. You can open VIP, Loyalty programs and referral programs for your customers, compatible for both, mobile and desktop. 

Rewarding your customers with the products will be beneficial for you in the future. It will turn your new customers into regular customers. Apart from this, you can also make customer referral accounts, social shares, gift systems and birthday rewards for your valuable customers. 

So, it is a must-have application or plugin for your Shopify store to increase your sales margin. It will be a golden chance for you to turn your traffic into your regular customers with the aid of 


  • Rewards for account registrations, orders, social shares, referrals and more!
  • Easy design customizations: colors, text, and widget position etc.
  • One-click integration
  • Personalized emails and messages
  • Points expiry
  • Referral account management


  • Free (10+ types of rewards, email and limited customization)
  • $49/month (No branding, full customization, email editor)
  • $199/month (Nudges, points expiry and detailed analytics)
  • $599/month (Access to success manager, all apps are free, VIP program)

4. Omnisend:

Omnisend is one of the prestigious marketing tools for Shopify stores. if you are feeling worried to send emails to your customers, but not having the right tool to do that, then Omnisend is available here for you. This tool will allow you to send customized emails to your customers in an easy way with a chosen template. 

Email marketing is an essential strategy to catch your customers from the market. If it will be done in a better way, then you will observe an increased sales ratio. With this application, you can engage your targeted audience. Apart from this, it is also easy for you to customize your store with simple drag and drop options. 

Capturing emails from the visitors and customers’ accounts is also a plus point of Omnisend. Therefore, if you have a Shopify store and you can’t generate sales, install Omnisend in your account now to boost the sales from traffic. 


  • Welcome email
  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Order and Shipping confirmation emails
  • Post-purchase funnel
  • Signup forms and popups to grow email list
  • Wheel of fortune
  • Landing pages


  • Free (15000 email/month, 2000 emails/day)
  • $16/month (15000 emails/month)
  • $199/month (unlimited emails)
  • $2000/month (unlimited emails plus dedicated account manager)

5. Easyship:

If you are having difficulties to ship your product in any part of the world, then surely, your sales percentage will decrease. It will be a bad thing for your running store. Therefore, you need an automated app that will do the shipping of your products in an easy way. The Easyship will be helpful for you in this regard. 

You can ship your products worldwide like a pro with the aid of Easyship. You can get access to more than 100 couriers worldwide. In this way, you can build an internal and external relationship with the courier services. The courier companies will also give you discount offers and many other things that will be good for your store. 

There will be a reduction in taxes. You can also enjoy better delivery because the courier services, linked to this app, are using modern tools and techniques for shipping purposes. 


  • One-click sync and print orders
  • Automatically update orders as fulfilled and add tracking numbers
  • Calculated rates at checkout
  • 27/7 support availability


  • You need to contact support to get a custom quote.

6. Sales Pop:

The Sales Pop is one of the best applications of the year 2017 and onward because of the tremendous features of it. It allows the user to convert their traffic into sales with the help of a previous sales ratio. Apart from this, the sales pop has more than 60,000 active users all day. You will be happy to know that this app carries approximately 8,000 reviews as the number one app to generate more sales. 

It will tell the users about the recently sold products. Due to this, they will estimate the trend of a product. It will motivate the users to buy a product after reading the recent reviews of customers. Building a relationship between a user and the store owner is also a plus point of it. Therefore, running a Shopify store without this application, won’t suit best for your sales. 

After installing, this plugin will synchronize the data of users like recent orders, most sold products, the product on sales and many others. On the other hand, it will be helpful for the notification popups. Don’t forget to install this plugin in your Shopify store if you are seriously interested in generating sales.  


  • Countdown timer
  • Countdown stock
  • Added to cart counter
  • Social proof
  • GDPR cookies


  • Free (Countdown Timers and GDPR Cookies)
  • $7.99/month/ (Full features, cart boost and quick view mode)

7. Sitekit:

Creating popups on your Shopify store is the latest technique that you can use to generate sales. Popup your best products on the landing page. If the returning customers will find them suitable for use, then they will surely go to place order for it. In this way, you can convert your traffic into sales without doing any hard things. 

Create your desirable popups with the help of SiteKit. It will allow you to generate popups in your Shopify store that will include many options. You can choose top bars, spin to win offers and coupon popups on the landing page. using a sip to win popup will surely catch the attraction of users. 

Therefore, install SiteKit application on your Shopify store to start selling different products. Apart from this, you can also use the newsletter for this plugin. The newsletter will email the latest news to your subscribed customers. 


  • Gamification
  • Popups
  • Smart bars

8. Countdown Cart:

People love to buy things that are going to run out of the stores. It is also the psychology of humans to buy things whenever they will be going to end. Due to this, you can initiate a plan of urgency. List down the products that you want to add in the list of countdown cart. In this way, you can generate a million dollars in revenue. It is all about targeting your customers with the best products. 

For this purpose, you can use the countdown cart. It will be a great application for our store as it will add multiple things on a single click. Adding a product countdown timer, special proof widget and stock countdown are three best functionalities of this product. Therefore, the demand for this application is increasing in the Shopify community. 

For increasing the sales of your store, just add this application to your Shopify store. It will result in boosting your sales at a greater rate. 


  • Stock countdown
  • Countdown timer
  • Social proof
  • Urgency and scarcity
  • Holiday themes (Halloween, New Year, Christmas, Black Friday etc)
  • Responsive and easily customizable design


  • Free (All features)

9. Checkout Boost:

If your store can’t convert the traffic into sales, then you need to implement some strategies in it. Adding marketing tools and techniques to your store will surely result in a better way. There are many applications in the market that you can use for sales boosting. But a prestigious application, Checkout Boost, is best among them. 

There are multiple astonishing features of this application. You can initiate exit-intent ads to engage the interest of users towards your products. Apart from this, it is also best for upsell checkout processes. By using this application, you can also ask your customers to add specific products to their carts directly from social media sites.

Therefore, it is one of the greatest marketing tools that is currently used by hundreds and thousands of people all over the world. If you are finding it hard to install this application in your Shopify store, then it is the best website. 


  • Boost the checkouts and gain social referral traffic
  • Turn abandoned carts into sales with Exit-intent popup offers
  • Create urgency and scarcity with Countdown offers
  • Beautiful, responsive and highly customizable design
  • Pre-designed templates


  • $27/month (15 days free trial)

10. Kit:

Another essential marketing plugin or application that you must install in your Shopify store is, Kit. It is a specially designed application that will increase the speed of your Shopify store. You will be able to increase your sales by running a store in a smooth way. All the Shopify store experts will recommend you Kit application for better marketing. 

It will result in generating discount codes and promotion of products in a versatile way. You can implement different strategies to increase the number of visitors. Apart from this, it is also an automated application used for the creation and sending of emails to increase visitors.

This Kit application also allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram ads, email marketing and managing social posts. It will be free to use for your business. The ROI ratio will also be greater if you will add this application to your Shopify Store. 


  • Set up Facebook dynamic ads and retarget customers that are most likely to buy
  • Build lookalike lists to ensure the best targeting of ads
  • Create dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads that convert high
  • Post Facebook updates to engage customers
  • Send personalized ‘thank you’ emails to make recurring sales
  • Create and promote discount to acquire new customers and retain the older ones
  • Generate quick reports to provide detailed insights on sales and marketing performance so you can plan your future steps

11. Instagram Shop:

Instagram is the best business social media site on which you can post your ads to generate leads. Millions of users are using Instagram every day. Therefore, targeting the users of this site will be beneficial for your business. Yes, you can also use Instagram on your Shopify Store. You can display your Shopify products directly from your store to your account. 

On the other hand, the Instagram shop application is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to share and post relevant products in a better way. Apart from this, the posts that will be shared from your Shopify store to Instagram account will contain descriptions and images. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most vital application for your Shopify store. 

It is available for free on the Shopify app store. Other than this, you can also grab this application from this portal. But before that, you must learn how to use it in a better way to generate sales. 


  • Boost sales by making your Instagram feed shoppable instantly.
  • Embed shoppable Instagram galleries & user-generated content into your store, product pages, and blog.
  • Easy to install and customize


  • Free

12. Auto Currency Switcher:

If you are willing to spread your small business in all parts of the world, then you must invest a large amount of money. but if you are running a Shopify Store and you want to target internationally, then auto currency switcher plugin will work best for you. By using this plugin, international visitors will be able to see the price of the products in their own currency.

For example, if you are living in Pakistan, then you will see the products in Pakistani Rupees. In this way, a strong relationship between a user and owner will develop. It will surely result in increasing the sales of your business. 

Therefore, if you aren’t getting enough sales from your stores, then adding an auto currency switcher will surely boost your sales. Get this application from the Shopify app store. 


  • Automatically switch currencies
  • User readable figures
  • Integrate with Shopify’s multi currencies
  • Currency conversion rates are updated twice a day


  • Free (200+ currencies, design customization)
  • $9.95/month (Geo-based currencies switcher, country flags)

13. Facebook Shop:

There is a way of posting products directly on your Facebook account from your Shopify store. If you are also searching for this application, Facebook Shop is here for your review. With the help of this application, then vendors will be able to increase their sales. A shop tab will be added on your Facebook page after installation. It will work for both, desktops and smartphones. 

In this way, the vendors will be able to boost their sales in an effective way. so, don’t be late in getting this application from the Shopify Store to give an impactful boost to your products. With this, the users can buy products with a single click. 


  • Add a Facebook Shop to your Facebook Page
  • Manage the products on your Facebook Shop
  • Arrange the order of the collections on Facebook
  • Customers can checkout on Facebook (US stores only)
  • Automatically fulfill orders placed on Facebook
  • Track Facebook sales


  • Free