Your Shopify site needs to look good as tremendous as it’s an immense step in building credibility in the mind of your audiences. But an important point that needs a proper observation is that without an absolute SEO plugin for your Shopify dropship integration, it is impossible to achieve the audience that is essential to give an impact on your Shopify site.


With the help of commonly paid advertisements, the site get instant traffic which eventually boosts ups the sale of the website but the drawback of these paid advertisements is that they are costly while on the other hand SEO provides traffic that is needed by any website in a lesser investment in order to achieve the goal of your business.

Basically, SEO makes the Shopify print more accessible on-demand site in an organic way for the audience. Apart from increasing the sales, traffic, and revenue of the site it also assists your customers in identifying the content they are searching for.


With the help of Shopify:

  • Users are capable of setting up a shop site and right-way start selling their goods. All this can be done due to built-in SEO features that make it easy for you to market your product without the need of enhancing the experience.
  • Shopify provides you a website that is responsive to both desktop and mobile. 
  • Shopify has a presentable layout that attracts the customers and makes them purchase it from you. For these reasons, the Shopify SEO plugins are used.

 We will let you know the best SEO plugins that are best suitable for your site.

  • Plugin SEO
  • Shop Pad
  • Ultra SEO
  • Super Reviews
  • SEO Meta Tag Manager
  • Blog Feeder
  • SEO Metriks Marketing Platform
  • Smart SEO
  • Simple SEO
  • Reload SEO
  • Linkcious SEO Power UP
  • SEO Image Optimizer
  • SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing
  • SEO Plus
  • TinyIMG SEO Image Optimizer
  • SEO Ranger
  • JSON‑LD for SEO
  • Rich Snippets for SEO
  • SPO (SEO Product Optimizer)
  • AMP by Ampify Me

1. Plugin SEO

  • Plugin SEO is a user-friendly plugin, which is easy to use and acts as a debugger. 
  • The plugin helps in highlighting the SEO problems by scanning the website page by page and will let you know what problems are needed for fixation.
  • It is ideal to be used for quick improvements as well as the flagged up issues also come with right-way troubleshooting advice
  • The plugin provides as well as fast scanning of reports which makes it a user-friendly and a handy tool without breaking your bank.
  • . To arrange your content in an SEO friendly way, install this easy to plug in now without paying anything extra.

2. Shop Pad

  • The shop pad plugin helps you in optimizing the content for getting the ultimate experience of a tablet. 
  • The shop pad provides you a stylish user interface in less than 5 minutes without any need for coding ready to entice your customers. 
  • The user-friendly feature of the shop pad is that it directly takes the information from your existing site so it saves your time for managing and editing the tablet edition. 
  • Shop pad offers its customer with a free tablet and phone optimization feature but if a customer wants any additions which include international language, custom domain and google analytics it requires to pay an amount for it.

3. Ultra SEO

  • Get all your SEO work done with Ultra SEO just one click install app. The plugin does not require any need to modify the code.
  • It gives complete control of each Meta tag to your shop which includes author and keywords tag. 
  • Ultra SEO allows the user to edit the titles, description, author tags and keywords that best fit your required content and you can easily edit the keywords and description when you feel that there is a need for a spring clean.
  • There is no need for fiddling around the HTML coding for using the app. 
  • The plugins provide its users with a 7 days free trial after which there is a requirement of monthly fees. 

4. Super Reviews

  • The super review allows its users to view features, description, and feedback of your products which eventually increases the users trust as well as it enhances the search engine ranking. It is done because the main review text can easily be viewed in HTML and it is also indexed by Google search engine. 
  • The super review also helps in increasing the ranking of your eCommerce website as it allows presenting keywords in a better way. 
  • The super review plugin also comes with an email function that provokes the customer to write the reviews before leaving the web page. 
  • Moreover, the plugin provides an easy way to transfer all the old reviews once you are moving towards a new system with the help of its import and export function. 

5. SEO Meta Manager

  • SEO Meta manager helps in controlling the appearance of the content that you have shared on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Moreover, it also improves the search ranking of your website by assisting you in optimizing your Meta description and page title.
  • SEO Meta Manager also comes with the tools that help in making No Index and No follow markup easy
  • . Getting a snappy Meta description eventually lure searchers to enter on your web page. 
  • The SEO Meta Manager provides users with the control of displaying the pages and products in search engine results according to their choice.

6. Blog Feeder

  • Blog feeder enables the users to export all your existing blog posts on your current domain by installing the app, instead of persuading the readers to click through the web site to read the blog this app makes it is convenient for them to read all the blogs with just one click. 
  • It provides an ease to its use of storing all the SEO content in just one place with the help of which you convert the visitors to your permanent client.
  • Now there is no need to send your customers to any external website to know about your business instead of getting instant feedback to your admin portal by using the Blog feeder plugin.
  • Blog feeder also enables the users to disable canonical tags and use your shop as an original source of the content so now you didn’t have to worry about any duplication of the SEO content.

7. SEO Metriks Marketing Platform

  • The well-known plugin SEO Metriks marketing platform assists in searching and identifying the keywords that increase the traffic of your website.
  • The plugin also clears up users’ link profile and increases the marketing performance on social media when compared to other competitors.
  • The plugin focuses on all the aspects of marketing apart from being used as an SEO tool which includes social media performance.
  • SEO Metriks is an advanced SEO tool that helps in boosting the website sales by providing them the suitable keywords.

8. Smart SEO

  • The smart SEO helps the users in automatically generating Meta tags to help in optimizing the on-page SEO.
  • Moreover, smart SEO is smart as it uses the templates for speeding up the process of Meta tags creation.
  • The smart SEO also provides structured data to Google and all the other search engine websites to increase the results of your website search by providing them all the necessary information they need to know. 
  • The smart thing about the plugin the app is that saves the time of the users that they spend on SEO for Shopify.

9. Simple SEO

  • The simple SEO app assists its users in controlling the appearance of their website in the search engine results. 
  • The SEO plugin also provides a quick analysis of the titles and Meta description of your website. 
  • The most important feature of Simple SEO is that it always recommends its users for fixation to make your ranking higher on the search engine. 
  • There is no need of having coding experience to control the important aspect of SEO by using the simple SEO plugin 

10. Reload SEO

  • The Reload SEO helps the users in searching for the best suitable keywords that provide traffic to their website directly within Shopify.
  • Moreover, users also have the option to analyze their shop’s content. 
  • Advertising your website is always an expensive thing to do in any business but the AdWords function in the Reload SEO helps in saving the advertising costs. 
  • The Reload not only assists you with the searching of the keyword but on the other hand, it also helps in optimizing it so that your website ranks the highest. 

11. Linkcious SEO Power UP

  • The Linkcious SEO power up saves the time that you spend on manually linking the products on your web portal.
  • The app creates automatic and relevant links for the website that are essential for SEO. 
  • Above all the best feature about this plugin is that it enables you to embed the Shopify products on Drupal, etc. 
  • The app creates high-quality links for you by using artificial intelligence to improve the traffic to your website.  

12. SEO Image Optimizer

  • SEO Image Optimizer assists in increasing the traffic from the Google search image.
  • This plugin provides the quickest and easiest way to optimize the images.
  • The best feature of the plugin is that it does not require any coding hence making it easy for the users to utilize the plugin for their work.
  • SEO image optimizer is known to the best-reviewed and popular plugin for Shopify image optimizing.

13. SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing

  • It can automatically scan SEO issues and suggest solutions
  • Instantly helps to structure data that is Search Engine friendly
  • Update product meta titles and descriptions
  • Update image ALT text
  • Fix and report broken links
  • Submit sitemap to Search Engines

14. SEO Plus

  • Absolutely free plugin.
  • Dynamically displays fresh content, for each product, each day because the search engine is always looking for fresh and updated content.
  • Customize the displayed content as you want to make sure it is appealing to customers too.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • You can change the designing so that it fits well within your theme.
  • This plugin is optimized for all devices including large screens, tablets and mobiles.
  • Unlike other free plugins, it won’t show any branding to your store.
  • It is also very easy to install and configure, you won’t need to have any technical knowledge.

15. TinyIMG SEO Image Optimizer

  • It has a smart image and template optimization algorithm that will make sure your site will load faster and have quality graphics.
  • Improve image SEO by optimizing image’s ALT text and name.
  • Choose from different image compression techniques to make sure site speed is faster without compromising on image quality
  • Image Optimizer can automatically select the best suitable image format to fit into your website.
  • 30-day backup makes sure that you won’t lose your data if you ran into any problem.
  • Easy setup – no technical or coding expertise needed.

16. SEO Ranger

  • Find & quickly resolve SEO issues affecting your rankings on Search Engines
  • One-Click scan to your whole website
  • Unlike most other plugins, it will scan the whole website in just a few seconds
  • By SEO optimization get more free traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo & more
  • Both FREE and Paid plans are available!

17. JSON‑LD for SEO

  • Beat your competitors ranking or stand out in the search results by getting more clicks
  • Helps you to appear in Google’s Rich Results and Rich Snippets
  • They regularly update their plugin to make sure their techniques are never outdated.
  • Nothing has to be configured or setup manually, or even enter all of your SEO data into it.
  • It might be the expensive plugin but it has many premium features you may not find in other plugins.

18. Rich Snippets for SEO

Below are few features of this plugin:

  • Eye catching results
  • Potential CTR increase
  • Providing ‘quality’ results
  • Increased rankings
  • Product reviews in search results
  • FAQs snippets
  • Company profile
  • Social Profile
  • Breadcrumb snippets
  • Support reviews apps ( Shopify Product Reviews,, Rivyo, Orankl,, Loox, Growave, Trust Reviews, Kudobuzz )

19. SPO (SEO Product Optimizer)

  • Fix social sharing issues and provide the solution for titles, URLs, description and images.
  • Automatically suggest keywords
  • Highly intelligent algorithm can give you keyword placement suggestions
  • Research about similar niche products or your competitors

20. AMP by Ampify Me

  • People hate waiting and with instant page load, your visitors can find your products quickly and easily.
  • Big Platforms such as Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and Bing all link to AMP pages, creating a lightning discovery experience for your customers
  • Optimize all the pages including products, collection list, collection details, blog list, blog post, Shopify pages.