Do you want to start an online business on Shopify in 2020 but you don’t know which business to start? If yes then congratulations! We have compiled a comprehensive list of great business ideas for 2020 that are most likely to be successful.

The online industry is booming and almost any business idea can be successful if you do it right. But there are few business ideas that are more likely to be successful than the others because of the following main reasons:

  • Market Size
  • Competition
  • Investment Needed
  • Time Required
  • Technical Knowledge Requirement

Here is the list of top Shopify store ideas

  1. Dropshipping:

    It is one of the hottest store ideas. Not only that it is very easy but also it doesn’t require significant investment and time to manage. All you need to do is to find a supplier that is selling trending products that are cheaper and also can do fast shipping. You will get product data (image, title, description, price, etc) that you will post on your website by adjusting the profit margin within the actual price of the product and start selling. Each order will be shipped by your supplier on your behalf.

    Key Facts:
    ✔️ 23% of all online sales were made via dropshipping.
    ✔️ $85+ billion worth of sales
    ✔️ 17% yearly growth

  2. Online Learning Platform:

    If you are good at something and people also want to learn this then why not cash on your skills. This is a new hot business idea that you can teach online or sell your PDF of video courses.

    Key Facts:
    ✔️ 51% of residents in USA alone took some course online
    ✔️ A whopping 57% market growth just last year
    ✔️ Global market is projected to be reached at around $37.8 billion in the year 2020
    ✔️ 85% low carbon emission
    ✔️ 51% of college students are expected to engage with an online course in 2020

  3. Virtual Assistant:

    Instead of selling products, sell your time. You can set your hourly rates and offer the services that you can provide in your free time. You can also hire a few students and take your cut from each job they get through your website. This small business idea can make you a good living.

  4. Online Grocery & Food

    In this technological world, people often find it very hard to go out shopping for little grocery and food items. You can start an online delivery service where you will have a few delivery guys delivering items directly to doorsteps.

    Key Facts:
    ✔️ 18% revenue growth in 2019
    ✔️ Online sales are expected to cross $30 billion mark by 2021.

  5. Graphics Designer

    You can help other businesses to uplift their faces with awesome banners, logos, and product packaging designs. This small business idea can be very profitable if you give it time and a good amount of effort.

    Key Facts:
    ✔️ 71% of businesses created 10 times more graphics that they did in 2015
    ✔️ $15 billion revenue in the USA alone
    ✔️ Job market is expected to rise 20% in the year 2020

  6. Social Media Consultancy

    If you have time and you know about social media marketing that you can start marketing other people’s products and charge them a fee for your services. More details

    Key Facts:
    ✔️ 9% job average growth for the next 10 years
    ✔️ $30 to $40 average hourly rate
    ✔️ Low startup cost

  7. Product Sourcing Expert

    Many small business owners and Shopify sellers are looking for a way to outsource good products. You can be the guy that can point them in the right direction.

  8. Shopify Store Setup Expert

    Like me, if you are good at website design and development then you can offer your services to the people who don’t have much technical knowledge. You can also offer marketing and graphics services after the store is ready.

    ✔️ More than 500k merchants
    ✔️ 126% growth in Shopify Plus merchants
    ✔️ An average Shopify store has 6 apps installed
    ✔️ You can charge in between $1000 to $8000 per store setup

  9. Garment Designer

    If you are good at designing and you keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends that this idea perfectly fits for you. You can design T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, etc

  10. Shopify Middleman

    There are many people that looking for help to outsource the products. You can help them find the products they are looking for and take some profit.

  11. Cosmetics

    This is the one market that is ever going to expand. You can start your own brand or outsource products from other brands and sell for a commission. This store idea is one of the most successful store ideas.

  12. Shapewear

    Shapewear is very lucrative right now. Actually, from all the stores we created in the last couple of years, shape wears were the most successful ones.

  13. Baby Rompers

    Nowadays, everybody has fallen in love with these cute dresses. That is why this online business would be a great idea as they’ve proven to show increased search volume in recent past.

  14. SEO Expert

    You can offer your SEO services to Shopify store owners. This will help their products to higher in search results in search engines and generate huge sales without spending too much on advertisement.

  15. Freelance Writer

    If you like to write just like me then you can offer this service to store owners by writing product descriptions, store information and legal/policy pages.

  16. Customer Engagement Platform

    If you are good at communication then you can offer your services to Shopify store owners. That way you will be handling customer queries and store owners can focus on other aspects of the business.

  17. Kiddies Store

    A store completely dedicated to kids can be highly rewarding because of the market size. You can sell educational tools, apparel, and toys, etc.

  18. Herbal Tea

    Slim tea and fat tummy tea are very popular products. People are too lazy these days and are looking for easier ways to shed some extra fat.

  19. Used Items

    You can start selling used items that are no longer needed.

  20. Fashion Accessories

    This market might seem to be saturated but still, there is a lot of potential in this industry only if you can come up with innovative or trendy items.

  21. Wedding Store

    You can sell wedding supplies like decorations, dresses, and invitations etc.

  22. Selfie Drones

    Drones and Selfies are very popular terms these days but what if you sell drones that can take selfies. This one is definitely going to be hot in 2020.

  23. Crowdfunding Site

    You can create your own website where investors can invest in new business ideas and you can take a commission from the entrepreneurs that are getting the investment.

  24. Merchandising Platform

    You can create a website where merchants connect with vendors. You can handle all the transactions and make a profit.

  25. Handmade Dolls

    You can sell handmade, pre-made and stuffed toys. The best thing about this is that you can sell customized dolls.

  26. Herbal Soap and Cosmetics

    Modern cosmetics are hard on many people’s skins. Herbal soap and cosmetics that are made from herbals and other natural elements would be a great idea.

  27. Online Business Consulting

    If you have a background with business then your knowledge will be very helpful for those who are on the initial stages of their ventures.

  28. Publish Your E-Book

    You can write a comprehensive book about any topic that you have in-depth knowledge about.

  29. Rent Fashion

    Many people are looking for rental fashion products that they may need for just one event. You can start renting clothes, jewelry and shoes etc.

  30. Sell Local Crafts

    Do your town has any famous local art or craft products? If yes, then you can start an online business that will empower you and those local artists.

  31. AI-Based Fashion Store

    You can create a website that can gather some data from customers and recommend their products based on that data provided. You can also build an augmented reality system that can show the customers how this product will look on them.

  32. Jewelry Business

    Buy artificial jewelry from manufacturers directly and sale it at higher price.

  33. Sell High Demand Products

    Search for the products that are rare and in high demand. Products can be of any type like jewelry, tickets and shoes etc. This kind of products has the highest profit margin.

  34. Price Quotations

    A website where users can select or upload a product and ask for quotations from vendors.

  35. Creative & Unique Items

    You will find very creative and unique items of all types and sell on your website.

  36. Sell Photos

    A website where users can upload photos, check copyright, set price and sell them. You can take the commission from each sale.

  37. Community Specific Products

    Find a community and sell products that represent their culture and traditions.

  38. Computer Assembling

    You can enable your customers to assemble their own computers by allowing different options for different parts and ship a customized product.

  39. Custom Built Product

    Just like computer assembling, you can sell other products like customized coffee mugs, pillows and t-shirts etc

  40. Sell Spare Parts

    You can sell spare parts of vehicles, bikes, laptops etc

  41. Content Selling

    You can connect content writers with businesses. Content writers can upload their work that can be sold and also offer custom writing services.

  42. Home Decor

    Another good idea for your Shopify store is to sell home decor accessories like wallpapers, mats, curtains and pillows etc

  43. Kitchen Gadgets

    Kitchen tools are trending these days. You can make people’s life easier by offering different gadgets that make food preparation easier and faster.

  44. Holidays Decorations

    This business might not make good sales for the whole year but it can be very profitable during the holiday season. You can run other businesses too and focus on it near the holidays.

  45. Costumes

    You can sell Halloween and party costumes. Holloween might be seasonal but party costumes will generate consistent sales.

  46. Packaged Food

    You can start a food business for individuals and small companies. Customized packed lunch boxes will surely make a lot of profit.

  47. Organic Foods and Herbs

    Instead of general processed food, you can sell more healthy food and herbs. It is a very trendy niche these days.

  48. Pet Supplies

    This idea may not be that hot as it was a couple of years ago and still, it is a big market and you can succeed with a unique and innovative products.

  49. Office Supplies

    You can supply essential office products to small businesses in your town. Stationary, table phones, security equipments are surely needed in all offices. So, even if you get very few clients you can still make decent money.

  50. Car Accessories

    You can sell innovative products that can enhance look, feel, smell and the driving experience.

  51. Sports Store

    You can sell sports accessories, fitness and exercise equipment and even meal and fitness plans.

  52. Domain Name Expert

    Every website has a domain name and it can be a hassle to find a suitable domain. You can be the guy who finds the perfect domain for businesses.

  53. Language Translation

    If you know two or more popular languages then you can offer translation services to businesses that are looking to expand beyond the borders of their home country.

  54. Book Store

    You can sell ebooks, new and used books.

  55. Events Booking

    You can start a service where customers can book different events from your website.

  56. Virtual Home Furnishing

    Customers can furnish their homes virtually on your website by trying different designs and settings. Then you can sell products used to design the home virtually.

  57. Online Library

    People will buy a monthly subscription and can read books online.

  58. On-Demand Clothing

    People can order different clothes online, you will deliver them to their home. People can try and choose from different options and pay accordingly.

  59. Voiceover Service

    You can start a service where you can record your voice on customer provided scripts. You can also start a translation service if you know more than one language.

  60. Online Tailoring

    A website where users can choose fabric, design and enter the size (guided by the intelligent system). Customers can get customized tailored clothes from their homes.

  61. Art & Painting

    If you are good at drawing then you can draw portraits of individuals and families and can also offer other pre-made paintings.

  62. Sell/Buy Business Online

    You can connect business owners with investors so they can sell their business to people and are looking to invest in the same industry.

  63. Travel Accessories

    You can sell power banks, guides, light and minimal luggage and other gadgets.

  64. Smart Electronics

    You can sell popular gadgets that are fun to use and also make life smarter and easeir.

  65. Mobile Accessories

    Mobiles accessories is a big market, the good thing is that there are always new innovative and trendy products that you can market. So, it is very easy to enter the market.

  66. Health Care Supplies

    You can sell air purifiers, face and back massagers, dental and health care products.

  67. Beauty & Makeup Tools

    Cosmetics are still very profitable unless you sell traditional products like lipsticks, powder, eye shadows etc. Instead, focus on new innovative products.

  68. Baby Safety

    Baby safety products like GPS trackers, car seats and video monitoring products are trending in the latter part of the previous year so it is going to be a big hit in 2020.

  69. Minimalist Luggage

    Build a brand where you can sell products that can make traveling lighter and easier. Sell travel bags and accessories that can lighten and also saves space.

  70. Home Gaming Setup

    Offer best home gaming experience products. You can sell gaming chairs, PCs, mouse, keyboards and all kinds of accessories.

  71. Home Gym

    You can sell gym equipment that is easier to ship and install in-home and doesn’t take much space.

  72. Home Theater

    You can build a brand around home theater by selling projectors, seating, shelves and popcorn machines etc.

  73. Bicycle Renting

    People can rent a bike for specific period of time and can pickup and drop bicycles at certain locations.

  74. Beard Care

    This industry already crossed the $20b mark and still, it is less competitive. This can be a good year to start your business around beard care products.

  75. Garden Supplies

    You can sell tools for watering, trimming and pest control.

Once you have decided on the business idea and you are ready to start you can contact us for further guidance. We can help you find products, design website, market and scale your business.