If you are willing to expand your business worldwide, then you need some top-notch and modern business strategies. You must implement the latest tools and techniques in your business that will ultimately increase the reputation of your business products. Email marketing is one of the most reputable ones in this regard. If you are running your own Shopify Store, then MailChimp will do the best email marketing of your products with proven leads generation. 

But there is bad news for the MailChimp users. The Shopify has turned off the Mailchimp integration services in their stores. They have also removed the app from their personal app store. The users aren’t able to synchronize their data with the Mailchimp application as the “Divorced Date” between these two parties was May 12. Although it is shocking news for the Shopify users, don’t worry. 

The grass is always greener on the second side. There are multiple alternatives to Mailchimp for the Shopify store. Some of them have more functionalities than Mailchimp. In this article, you are going to read the reviews of Seven best MailChimp alternatives for your Shopify store. 

Do give this article full read as it is going to give various advantages that the MailChimp wasn’t giving. Have a look at the seven best Mailchimp alternatives of the Shopify Store. 

Seven Best MailChimp Alternatives for your Shopify Store:

Here are Seven Best MailChimp Alternatives for your Shopify Store that will surely amaze yours with prestigious features. 

  • Omnisend
  • Sendinblue 
  • Klaviyo
  • Wheelio
  • Privy
  • Conversio Marketing Automation
  • Justuno

1: Omnisend

Omnisend is perhaps the best MailChimp alternative for your Shopify Store because it is far beyond a simple email marketing tool. It allows the user to control multiple channels with the automated workflow. It is an easy to use visual composer with the drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to customize every element in respective mails. 

Other than this, multiple pre-built templates of email are also there for email creation. Email capture options like popups, landing pages, and leads generations will make your work much easy. The advanced and sophisticated automation will attract the customer based on campaign engagement, profile data, and shopping behavior. 

Capitalize on pre-built automation workflows that you need to set up only once:

  • Welcome Email: Greet your customers and introduce your brand right after they signup.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Win back lost orders by reaching your visitors that have didn’t complete checkout.
  • Confirmation: Send branded and automatic order, shipment and cancellation confirmations and keep your customers updated.
  • Post-Purchase: Reactivate your customers with a series of messages designed to drive repeat sales, you can also send discounts to returning customers.

Turn your visitors into subscribers with our mobile-friendly and fully customizable signup forms:

  • Signup Boxes: You can place an always-visible and non-intrusive signup widget so that your visitors can signup at any time.
  • Popups: Assign rules and decide which visitors get a popup invitation (don’t irritate visitors with excessive popups), including when and where.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Award your visitors with a prize in exchange for their email address.
  • Landing Pages: Customize dedicated landing pages to any of your marketing campaign needs that fit within the styling of your theme.

2: Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a free, powerful all-in-one email marketing app. You can use the Sendinblue plugin to run effective email and SMS campaigns, improve email deliverability and track detailed metrics including delivery, open and click-on-link rates. The plugin is available in two languages, English and French.

Automatically synchronize your Shopify contacts (those who opt-in for marketing e-mails) and their purchase data with Sendinblue for your email marketing

Get the best deliverability to your marketing emails (e.g. welcome emails, order confirmation, shipping notifications, etc.)

Why I like it the most because it allows you to use professional SMTP to send your Shopify confirmation emails so that all emails are delivered via email address f your own domain e.g [email protected] Optimized deliverability ensures that all your emails reach your customers’ inbox.

With Sendinblue’s design tools, it’s very easy to create email templates that are beautiful and effective. Design your own template or choose from dozens of free, professionally designed templates to save time and effort. When you create email templates in Sendinblue, you can use them for Campaigns (in the Sendinblue platform) and for your Shopify notification emails. You can personalize emails with customer names and other information.

You can also reach your customers with SMS campaigns. In recent research, it was learned that around 98% of SMS are opened and read.

This plugin also provides real-time and comprehensive email reporting to see exactly how many emails were delivered, opened, clicked, etc.

3: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is known in the market as the best competitor of the MailChimp at present. It is gaining more popularity in Shopify sites because of the Mailchimp’s divorce with the Shopify. This app fully dedicated to providing your 100% automation workflow, resulting in the expansion of business worldwide. It is going to be a diamond in email marketing. 

You can check your visitors, customers, subscribers and returning clients with a user-friendly visual composer. If you will switch to Klaviyo, you can expect 67X more sales on the ROI. There will be 24/7 customer service support so that the vendors can get back to the client’s queries. 

Here are some reasons why you should use Klaviyo:

  • Klaviyo and Shopify play better together: Their single-click integration pulls all the data related to customers and sales.
  • More data than anyone else: Quickly pull-in data from our pre-built integrations and add any custom properties you want so you can build stronger customer relationships and target customers more efficiently.
  • Stronger marketing functionality than other competitors: Set-up abandoned cart emails in minutes, then optimize with advanced splits and filters to target your messages.
  • Create human-like customer interactions: Quickly create signup forms to start collecting emails then use the multiple targeting options to collect more information – all without any coding. Also, you can apply different rules to signup forms and do the segmentation of all subscribers to target customers according to their browsing behavior.
  • Measure success: Get high-level metrics to see how email contributes to your bottom line then dig deeper into your customer data to plan to future moves.

4: Wheelio

If you want to create your email list from scratch, but finding it really hard, then don’t worry. You can do this now with fun. Wheelio is allowing the users to gamify important email acquisitions with the help of tempting popups. This will surely engage the users towards your products. When it comes to the price, it is an economical one in the market. 

It is less expensive as compared to other paid acquisition email tools. In short, it will be much helpful for your business to attract users without spamming. Due to this, they will be ready for the investments and you will get quality results. There will be a live testing feature in this marketing software. 

5: Privy

The Privy is also a robust email marketing tool that lets you adopt attractive options for your Shopify stores. They are also giving you a free plan in which you can test all the things before buying a premium plan. You can create mobile-friendly and optimized display types for your store that include scroll boxes, popups, banners, and multiple others. 

Starting campaigns for the targeted results will also amaze you when you will achieve your desired results. Apart from this, they are giving most of the paid plans for free. Last but not least, you don’t need to write shortcodes for your desirable things as it is a drag and drop system with a 24/7 customer support service. 

  • Easily customizable, mobile-friendly display types for popups, amazing spin to win wheel, banners, announcement bars on top, & embedded forms anywhere in your site for email collection.
  • Single-use, and bulk coupon code integration to give discounts upon signup. Surface coupon codes in your popups, or in email autoresponders.
  • Target campaigns based on different logics including exit intent, cart abandonment, cart specific value reach, on scroll to a specific part of the page, time-based, geography, device type, specific page, after a number of visits, number of orders, referral site, language & more.
  • Run automated A/B split tests to understand how small changes impact conversion rates by analyzing different kinds of reports.
  • Add free shipping bars to any page to increase sales
  • Send autoresponders & reminder emails based on rules selected by you to turn signups into sales
  • Run upsell and cross-sell modals with add to cart buttons
  • Don’t want to do everything by yourself? Use Privy’s Automate plan to send newsletters, abandoned cart emails & order follow up emails
  • Seamlessly sync new contacts to more than 50 email marketing services like MailChimp, Klaviyo, Bronto, Conversio & more

6: Conversio Marketing Automation

The user-generated tools with the aid of email marketing will be beneficial for your business. It will engage users due to a catchy interface which will increase the trust of your products within the market. 

With the robust segmentation tools, you can quickly reach your targeted audience through email marketing and other techniques. Run your campaigns to achieve your dedicated goals for greater success. On the other hand, the dashboard will give you each detail about the small points in actionable insights.  

7: Justuno

If you are searching for an AI-driven optimized application for your Shopify store, then this is the right platform for you. The Justuno is a sensational AI-driven marketing application that will send push notifications to your customers to generate leads. 

Other than this, it is also responsible for capturing forms and for making popups for maintaining your email list more impactful. With the aid of the premium plan, you can integrate phone, email and customer chat service to your Shopify store. Therefore it if from the list of Seven Best MailChimp Alternatives for your Shopify Store. 

  • Advanced Pop-Ups & On-Site Messaging based on certain threshold or cart parameters
  • Intelligent Segmentation and Targeting by identifying and tracking activities of visitors
  • Marketing & Sales Analytics to help you keep track of what things are working better for you and what you need to improve
  • Conversion Optimization by using different techniques like mobile-optimized pop-ups, countdowns, urgency and scarcity features.
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling with Commerce AI Functionality to increase cart value