An E-commerce marketing strategy plays a vital role in promoting your business and making it known all around the globe. Getting the first real customer is a very significant milestone for every entrepreneur that they want to achieve.

No matter if you are a starter or a known brand every online store’s major goal is to increase traffic and conversation. It’s always a difficult task and at which marketing strategy to use so effective marketing strategy and tools with the ideal which will help you in implementing the approach.

1. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is considered as one of the most consistent and effective channels of marketing that is used for acquiring new customers. Some search channels might take some period but email marketing starts working straight away, that’s why email-marketing is considered an effective way to promote your Shopify store.

  • Through email marketing, you can make your promotions easy by setting up a collection of automated email campaigns to increase your revenue.
  • Emailing new subscribers to offer them incentives.
  • Emailing visitors to remind them to finish the purchase.
  • Emailing the wishlist reminder emails to convince the customers to take the final step in the buying procedure in the products they have shown their interest.
  • The MOD cloth sends an alert to the shoppers when the product is nearly becoming out of stock. It will help in motivating the shoppers to buy the product they have been eyeing on without missing it and regretting it later.
  • Special Email Marketing coupons encourage customers to buy your product instead of just emailing them to provide information about the new product. It is one of the easiest ways to regularly engage your customers.
  • There is indeed a scarcity in the element of time. An email originated by your end containing the limited time discount offers always helps in encouraging your audience to perform the act of purchases.

Since MailChimp is no longer working with Shopify. So, we have written a detailed article about email marketing plugins that you can use an alternative to MailChimp.

2. Instagram Marketing:

The visual focus of Instagram is a fit for promoting the products. Instagram has millions of followers in which half of them are active on Instagram every single day. Brand promoting their products on Instagram will end up doing well with their sales criteria. There are several ways to promote your Shopify store on Instagram 

  • Sharing captivating pictures of the product to attract customers.
  • Sharing a stop motion video of your product while it is been operated,
  • Reaching out to the influential Instagram accounts and asking them to share your products on their pages.
  • Instagram is a popular social media network for influencer marketing and also it is the best fit for the regular unpaid post for reaching out to a good number of users.
  • You can also display your visual ads in other’s feed to increase traffic.
  • You can use Instagram ads to promote your free samples.

3. Google Marketing:

The first and foremost action of the buyer when they want to do the purchase is to look for the product on Google.

  • The Google Ad words make your site available on the topmost of the page when people search for similar terms on the Google search engine.
  • Google text Ads show up in the search result prominently.
  • Google shopping Ads displays the price and picture of the product in an e-commerce oriented form.
  • By conducting the keyword research you will be able to see the volume of those terms that your customer might look for.

4. Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest is considered to be one of the most clearly defined user-base. It is mostly comprised of female users and users having disposable income. Pinterest is also used to drive traffic on the website through paid or free efforts. Pinterest is the best place for buying and selling of products online while asking the pinners, 93% of the pinners agreed that they use Pinterest for planning purchase.

  • On Pinterest, users can create boards for collecting and saving ‘pins’ according to the theme for their own choice.
  • It is also used for planning events, curate wardrobe, saving articles that can be in front of your eyes while you are marketing your Shopify store on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is a good choice to advertise fashion, artwork, home decor, food especially if your target audience is females.
  • The Thirdlove feature helps the audience to reach directly to the product page which consists of a similar look.
  • The best feature of Pinterest is that you can optimize your pin by posting it on the peak time when the number of people is online by using the right set of keywords and posting captivating images of your product. Pins are viewed right way when they are posted, rarely, the pins are not viewed for months after they are posted.
  • The Rich pins feature can also use to get additional information about the product.
  • The Pinterest buyable pin option assists the pinners to buy the product which they see on Pinterest and also helps the sellers to sell more. This feature can be enabled by adding a Pinterest channel to your Shopify.

5. Facebook Marketing:

Facebook is known to be the most popular social network that has the most diversified user-base when it comes to income, gender, age, and ethnicity. Due to this reason a wide range of brands uses Facebook to market their Shopify store as it offers targeted options to run paid ads.

  • The Facebook Custom Audience is a useful feature to market your product. You can easily advertise your brand to the customers visiting your website or your email subscriber.
  • The ads on Facebook tend to be effective as it lets you know more about your target audience and it helps to tailor your ads to your target audience.
  • The duct pins button on the page will include a buy button.
  • You can also add a Facebook shop section and can make your Facebook marketing more interesting and attractive. This option provides an ease to the customer viewing your product to buy it.
  • Adding Facebook as a sales channel on your Shopify store enables you to create your very own shop section on your Facebook page. It makes it convenient for the users to learn about your products and buy them on just one click of your mouse button.
  • The best feature that Facebook offers you is that you can make an ideal buyer profile by making use of the pages that are liked by the other people to gain the number of buyers on your pages as quickly as possible.

6. SMS Marketing

Short Service Message is a permission-based marketing services that you can use on your store. It may be the hardest technique but also the most effective one. Some advantages of using this marketing platform are

  • Around 95% of SMS delivered are opened and read.
  • Ten times more effective than emails.
  • SMS feel more personal and can create a connection between your customers and you.
  • You can automate customer queries via an intelligent chatbot.
  • You will find it a lot cheaper if you consider the reading rate of customers.

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