What’s the first thing you do when you buy a product from a company? Research about the company’s history and experience by reading the “ABOUT US “section on their website? Read the online reviews of other customers regarding their purchase experience? Ask questions related to the product you are going to buy? All these strategies are a procedure that is followed by the consumer to find out if the company is trustworthy or not.

It is said that in order to establish a professional relationship with your customers and increase communication and interaction with them TRUST is a key in achieving it. People consider trust as the top three reasons behind choosing the brand for purchasing the products. If you are new and have no customers yet than customers trust is the hardest thing to earn. You need to earn the customer’s trust before they choose to buy from you. There are several ways with the help of which you can easily overcome the conundrum and can establish the trust of your customers. In this article, we will guide you about some ways which will help you in building your customers’ trust in a very short time span.

  • Share the human side of your business
  • Build a relationship via content
  • Building trust over the long term
  • Highlight a favorable return policy
  • Show customers the top-notch security
  • Make sure of your availability for your customer’s inquiries
  • Provide your customers with detailed product information
  • Give away a few sample products
  • Be Transparent
  • Show testimonials and ask for feedback

1. Share the human side of your business

Acting as a consumer, we always tend to distrust a brand at a very first glance by bringing a thought in mind that their ultimate goal is to make money. Keeping this factor in mind, we can overcome this consumer skepticism by:

  • Sharing the human side of the brand. It can be achieved when we show ourselves as a “person” and not being “the owner” of the business. This will help in adding credibility and authenticity to the brand.
  • Update the “About Us” page on your website with a focus on you as a business owner and the page should not be just about your product rather it should also contain your background. This helps the customers in knowing about you which lays as the foundation for the customers in trusting your brand.

2. Build a relationship via content

The content of the website plays a key role in connecting you with the customers who are unaware of your business. With the content, you can easily introduce yourself to your customers without being pushy.

  • Blogging on a regular basis shows that you are committed to your business, your customer and your industry which is considered a good sign in front of your customers.
  • Sharing stories and developing a distant brand voice helps in revealing the personality behind your brand and eventually people get a feeling to know and trust you more.
  • Encourage discussions with your customers that let you connect with many different people. Just a quick comment of your users serves as a valuable opportunity for you in establishing a personal relationship via screen
  • One more tactic includes content marketing which is also one way in demonstrating the expertise you possess. It will help the customer to get a thought that you are well aware of your products and hence they will believe in the quality your serve them.

3. Building trust over the long term

The two most important element in building trust is the time and the team.

  • Trust can be built by designing a user-interface that makes things feel user-friendly and conveys transparency.
  • Focus on every interaction that you have with your customers for a longer time period.
  • Have consistency in the ways you communicate your brand and values. Having consistency over time serves as a key in earning customers’ trust.

4. Highlight a favorable return policy

Think yourself as a customer, what will make you feel better while doing purchases? That is a great return policy.

  • Good return policy reflects the sign of a quality customer service.
  • It shows your prioritization towards customers’ experience and it also shows that you are confident about your products which results in customers building trust in you.
  • The return policies assist in lowering the potential risk the customers are having in mind while buying your product online.
  • Create a page on your website that gives a detailed deliberation on your return policy.
  • Make sure to display a badge that highlights the money-back guarantees.

Displaying the return policy on your online portal will help you in building customer trust in your brand.

5. Show customers the top-notch security

Cybersecurity is a huge issue with hackers continuously attacking bigger organizations. So it only makes sense that customers are concerned about giving anyone to their credit card information.

One way to combat this is to use security-boosting plugins that not only add another layer of protection but also show some security badges on your store.

The McAfee Secure Shopify plugin is a great plugin that helps protect user information. It also places a badge on your store and being a very reputable security company it will boost customer trust.

A few security plugins that you may also like to have are TrustedSite , Shop Protector, Trust Hero ‑ FREE Trust Badges, VITALS Trust Seals & Badges and GDPR Cookie Optimizer.

6. Make sure of your availability for your customer’s inquiries

There will be a number of customers who will reach out to your through numerous platforms which may include email, social media profiles and site’s contact form in order to get the answers regarding their queries. For example, they might need help in knowing the return policies, product information, shipping details. The most important aspect of this is to answer inquiries efficiently and as quickly as possible.

  • Integrate live chat on your chat from which you can get an instant response that will eventually encourage the customers to trust your website.
  • Connect with your customers through chat in order to address objections or concerns. Moreover, you can also cross-sell or up-sell other products to your customers.

7. Provide your customers with detailed product information

When the customers are well aware of the product, it is expected that they are more likely to buy the product.

  • Be specific about your product.
  • Provide product manufacturing material details, warranty information, exact weight, and measurements.
  • Adding images and videos related to the product also helps the customers to demonstrate the quality of the product and how it can be made useful.
  • The site showing detailed information about their products helps people envision in their own lives and it is said that more clear the customers are about the purchases they made, the more likely they are to believe that you deliver what you promise.

8. Give away few sample products

Finding those first few customers are always the hardest and you need a way to pitch the first few sales and the easiest way is to send a few sample products to some of your potential buyers. 

Product samples or giveaways can gain trust of your customers by eliminating all the risks. Offering customers to buy before they pay may not be suitable for many business models but this could be great start. 

There are many ways to send samples or giveaways. These include:

  • Send products to certain people and ask them to review it with your store and share it with your friends.
  • Send your products to social media influencers or bloggers who can share it with their audience.
  • Just do random giveaways to the people regularly visiting your site.

9. Create an FAQs Page

FAQ page can answer user questions about both your brand and your products. This is a great way for users to get most of their questions answered immediately.

You can have these sections on your FAQ page

  • Brand Awareness
  • Products Related Questions
  • How to add to cart and pay
  • Shipping Policy
  • Refund Related Questions
  • Contact Info

10. Be Transparent

Being having just online presence is kind of hard when you are looking to convince someone to use their payment information on your site and buy some products that they haven’t seen physically. You need to be as transparent with your customers as you could if you even want to have loyal customer base. You can clearly tell them that:

  • How quickly and easily can they cancel an order and will there be any charges?
  • How long does it take for a refund to be credited back to the customer account?
  • How will a returned item be picked up and who will pay to shipping charges?
  • Will there be any extra charges if they order something?
  • Will an exchange be delivered for the returned goods or not?

11. Show testimonials and ask for feedback

Ask your customers about how they feel about your products and service. Having many positive testimonials on your site will be very encouraging for others to buy the same products. Make sure you show names and pictures on people giving feedback on your site, that way it will look more authentic. Also, ask for customer feedback after every sale. That way you can eliminate their concerns and build loyalty.

Trust is an important factor which comes before sales. It is said that trust is a prerequisite for purchase, especially in this fast-moving world where people have various options available just on the click of their mouse button.