Due to the increased number of e-commerce stores, it isn’t easy to run your store on the internet. Firstly, you need money. Secondly, you must risk-taker because online stores are totally based on risks. If you are planning to open your own Shopify Store, then you are doing it right and we have a great list of new business ideas for Shopify store. In this case, you don’t need a good amount of money. Other than this, it won’t be a risk-taking task. You need to follow the checklists before you launch your Shopify Store. Have a look at them to get multiple benefits. 

  1. Add any authentic available sales channel
  2. Select and connect your domain
  3. Select a theme that represents your niche
  4. You must check payment gateway settings
  5. Make some static standard pages for users
  6. Install Only Essential Apps
  7. Make proper email templates for the discount offers
  8. Proofread your content twice before launching your Shopify Store
  9. Images on your Shopify store must be optimized
  10. Make proper marketing before the launch
  11. Optimize for mobile
  12. Check shipping settings
  13. Test payment gateway
  14. Have a 3rd person to audit your store

Add any authentic available sales channel

If you are willing to increase the sales of your Shopify store by 15-20%, then you need to add nay authentic available sales channels. Due to the increased number of channels, the online sales percentage is also increasing. Therefore, if you will implement a number of channels on your Shopify store, you are more likely to get orders from various platforms. All profitable online retailing stores are using a multi-channel strategy to gain the number of customers. 

You can add Amazon, Kik, Google Shopping channels to your Shopify Store. Other than this, adding social media sites like Instagram or Facebook will also give you increased sales rate. As we know then, millions of people are living on social media sites. They also prefer to buy things directly from social media as they find them more authentic. 

After adding these channels to your Shopify Store, you can also track all the records. You will come to know that how many products are going through the added channels. Therefore, it is one of the must-have things in your Shopify store. Before selling things, make sure that multiple channels are connected to your store or not.

Select and connect your domain

This is normally the first thing people do when opening a store, yet relying upon how you work, it may be the keep going thing at the forefront of your thoughts. Adding a custom domain to your site will give you brand acknowledgment and make it simpler for customers to return to the shop.

You can buy a domain name from Godaddy, NameCheap or even from Shopify (will be expensive but will save the hassle of connecting it with Shopify ).

Select a theme that represents your niche

Shopify theme store has dozens of themes to choose from, just make sure the following point while you select a theme.

  • Theme is neat and clean
  • Easy to navigate
  • SEO optimized
  • Quick to load especially on mobile devices
  • Easy to customize
  • Integrate with standard apps easily
  • Developers provide technical support and updates
  • Represents your niche

You must check payment gateway settings

One of the most essential things that you need to implement in your store is a proper and authentic payment gateway process. Online customers always get it hard to find a proper payment gateway. But as the Shopify Store has its own payment gateway, therefore, it is one of the most-trusty online stores in the world. 

But you must make all the payment process clear to your client. Don’t hide any necessary information from your clients. Make sure that your payment processes are user-friendly. If not, then the users will find it hard for the checkout processes. 

You can use a live payment gateway for the best results. It will be convenient for the owners as well as for the customers.

Make some static standard pages for users

It will be good for the users to get information about your products from the static pages. Therefore, make some static pages ready before launching your Shopify Store. The must-have pages for your Shopify store will be the following ones. Don’t ever forget to include them in your store. Otherwise, you are going to lose your reputation. 

  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Shipping
  • Refund Policy
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookies Policy
  • Terms of Service

These pages will be the core things to increase your sales percentage. Therefore, you must be sure to add unique and healthy content to them. If not, then the viewers that will get into your store won’t find it authentic. Therefore, this is one of the vital things that you need to do before launching your Shopify Store. 

Install Only Essential Apps

Apps are an essential part to grow store audience and make good sales. However, it can be hard for a newbie to select apps that they really need otherwise accessive app installation will only cause your store more slow and difficult to manage. Few must-have apps for your store are:

Make proper email templates for the discounts

Email marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques in the world. Due to the increased number of smartphones, a greater number of people are making email accounts for a proper communication channel. It is also a legitimate thing for formal communication. Therefore, it must be don’t in a proper way. if not, then you aren’t going to target your customers with your products. 

Suppose, if you are going to give discounts to your customers, then how could they know that they are going to get a discount on some products. This will be done with the help of email marketing. Yes, email marketing with the proper template will help your business to grow in the right way. 

If you will choose a proper discount email marketing template, then it will engage hundreds of users to your products. Therefore, hire some professional content writers to make catchy content for the email strategy. In short, the email marketing of your Shopify store must be done in a perfect manner to increase your sales revenue. 

Proofread your content twice before launching your Shopify Store

As you know that the content is the king of the online world, therefore investing your money on it will be beneficial for you in many ways. The content of your products must be up to the mark with no grammar and spelling mistakes. If you are seeing some errors in it, then proofread your content twice. Because the content with grammar and spelling mistakes won’t be so appealing for the customers. 

It will be a source of a negative impression. Try to consult a professional content writer. He or she will give you some best pieces of content that will help you to generate sales revenue. 

Firstly, the content that the professional produces will be free from every kind of mistake. Secondly, he will use some engaging techniques that will be good for the sales of your Shopify items. in this way, the content will engage hundreds of users each day on your products. 

Images on your Shopify store must be optimized

The optimized images are a good source of increasing your sales. Optimized images don’t mean that they are optimized on the basis of size. It means that they are according to the given product or not. Either the images used in a specific-products are according to the meaning of the product or it is just useless. In this way, you will be able to make a good impact on your sales. 

Therefore, using optimized images will be a good thing for your Shopify store. Apart from these things, you must make sure that the size of images is up to the mark or they are bigger than the actual size. If they will be bigger than the original size, then it won’t be good for the customers. Therefore, optimizing images is a must thing before launching your Shopify Store. 

Make proper marketing before the launch

Running an online e-commerce store isn’t an easy task as millions of stores are there on the internet. Dragging customers to your store is also a tough task. But you can achieve this thing with the help of proper marketing plans. Yes, you heard it right. Making proper marketing plans before the launch of your Shopify store will be helpful for you in many ways. 

Make proper strategies to target the mind of your customers. Just play with the mind of your customers to sell your products. For this, you can hire professional marketing planners. They will give you some great techniques that you can implement in your store to generate leads from it. 

These are some of the checklists before you set your Shopify Store. Surely, these things will increase the sales and profit margin of your products if you will implement them before launching your store. 

Optimize for mobile

Mobile visitors are more important than desktop visitors. People spend more time on mobile devices rather than their desktop computers. It is estimated that around 60% of visitors come from mobile devices for any typical store. It is very important that you must focus on those people. Below are a few tips to make a better mobile experience.

  • Make sure navigation is easy and simple
  • Make your content front and center
  • Make sure images are not squeezed or stretched
  • Add to cart button should be sticky
  • Minimize content on product pages
  • It should load faster as visitors have very small attention time span
  • Always think mobile-first design

Check shipping settings

Shopify has made is very easy to set up shipping. You can make shipping zones and set rates based on weight and price. You can also enable third-party calculated rates from very popular shipping companies like UPS, USPS and DHL etc.

Test payment gateway

You can test Shopify payments by enabling test mode on your payment providers page settings. You test how your customers checkout for their orders and how you and your staff process and update those orders. When test mode is enabled, you cannot use actual credit cards to pay for orders. To test actual credit cards you can make a discount code for 99.99% off or decrease the pricing of some product to like $0.001 and buy those products.

Have a 3rd person to audit your store

No matter how hard you try you may still need professional help to make sure everything is fine to launch your store. Have someone who is running a successful store already or CONTACT US to have your store audited absolutely free.